Concierge Doctor Serving Fairfield & Westchester

Dr. Jan Zislis, MD - "Country Doc Concierge"

Do you remember the days of old fashioned medicine when healthcare wasn’t so complicated?

Well, those days are back!

At Country Doc Concierge, Dr. Jan Zislis takes a personalized approach to healthcare - the way it used to be and should be.

We’ve all been there — waiting for a long time in your doctor’s office before you are finally seen. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Dr. Zislis understands that your time is valuable and strives to provide you with personalized, quality care in a timely manner. By keeping the practice size small and eliminating the “waiting game,"  Dr. Zislis is able to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your medical history in a calm and unhurried environment. 

Quality medical care offered at Country Doc Concierge means:

  • A partnership that will go beyond today’s traditional doctor/patient relationship
  • Easy access for medical questions or concerns via phone or email
  • No time constraints for patient visits and/or sick calls
  • A proactive approach to your health
  • House calls if/when needed

To navigate through today’s complicated healthcare system, look for someone you can trust to be your advocate. Dr. Zislis is passionate about providing excellent care to all of his patients and welcomes you to experience the difference his practice provides, while bringing old fashioned medicine into reality.

Say good-bye to long waits and impersonal care, and hello to the best, personalized healthcare available from Dr. Jan Zislis at Country Doc Concierge!