5 Benefits of Pro-Aging Over Anti-Aging


Youth is worshiped in today’s world, and many people internalize ageist stereotypes. Anti-aging products are readily available, along with plastic surgeries that promise to turn back time. While there is nothing wrong with attempting to look and feel your best, research shows that the way you perceive aging can actually affect your aging process. Here are 5 benefits of pro-aging (being confident in your own aging process) over anti-aging (thinking negatively about the process).


Benefits of pro-aging over anti-aging


Longer Life

According to research, people who have a more positive attitude toward their own aging live an average of 7.5 years longer than those who perceive aging negatively. Studies show that pro-aging attitudes affect the lifespan even more than cholesterol level, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and exercise.


Reducing Disability

Many people fear losing their independence later in life. Staying active both physically and mentally is critical, but so is your belief in your ability to remain independent. Anti-aging attitudes, such as the belief that pain and disease are inevitable, can weaken your motivation to stay healthy and can start a self-replicating cycle of weakness and disability.


Memory Boost

An expectation that you will lose your memory over time can actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy. According to research, those who expect to lose their memories are more than 30% worse at memory tasks than those who do not hold that expectation.


Heart Health

Studies show that young adults who convert an anti-aging mindset to a pro-aging mindset can actually reduce their risk of heart disease by a stunning 80% later in life. The reasons for this are not yet clear, though it may have something to do with being proactively heart healthy.


Changing Your Mindset

The first step in moving from anti-aging to pro-aging is to become aware of your own existing perceptions. What do you expect from the aging process? Do you see yourself as a vivacious, wise elder, or a disabled, senile senior?


Begin to visualize a healthy, vibrant retirement. Look into Eastern philosophies that value the wisdom of age. Spend time with older people who look and act younger than they are. Start to internalize the idea that you, too, can age gracefully and elegantly, and you will go a long way toward making this belief a reality. Tune in to the cycle of the year, celebrating and embracing the triumphs, hardships, and lessons learned each season. Take a proactive approach to your own health, and never allow concerns about age stop you from pursuing your dreams.


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