Frequently Asked Questions

At Country Doc Concierge, we know it is important to understand the care you will be receiving. To help you better understand Concierge Medicine and what Dr. Zislis has to offer, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does concierge medicine mean?

A concierge medical practice is when a patient pays an annual retainer fee as opposed to a fee-for-service that most of us are all-too familiar with at many doctors’ offices. A personal physician on retainer is accessible  24/7/365 for individuals who desire to have their own doctor who knows them, their medical history, and who can coordinate and facilitate all their care from acute illness to hospitalization.

Is Country Doc Concierge right for me?

For the price of a monthly gym membership, our concierge program provides you with an excellent alternative to traditional medical care that is affordable to everyone. Dr. Zislis will be your advocate and help you navigate the healthcare system so you won’t have to worry. By joining Country Doc Concierge you can relax knowing you are receiving the care you need by someone who knows your health history and your lifestyle.

What does the retainer fee cover?

The retainer fee varies from each plan, but all patients will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine the best plan for their healthcare needs. For example, a basic plan will cover excellent primary care through:

  • A proactive and preventive approach to your health
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Easy telephone and email access 24/7/365
  • Little or no wait times in the office
  • Basic office procedures
  • Most in office tests and injections
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Prompt prescription refills
  • Personal referrals to specialists

What is not covered by the retainer fee?

The following are not covered by retainer fee for concierge medicine services: hospitalizations, evaluations by other physicians or specialists, emergency room visits, prescription medications, outside labs, pathology services, cultures, radiologic studies (X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, etc.), physical therapy and workers compensation. However, these items may be covered by your personal health insurance.

Will I be able to use my insurance?

Country Doc Concierge does not participate with any insurance plans nor does the service electronically submit any insurance claims. A paper bill will be provided to all patients for medical care provided. Patients can submit these bills to their insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company in regard to reimbursement for out of network providers.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes, you will still need insurance. Country Doc Concierge is not a replacement for insurance. We highly encourage our patients to have health insurance in addition to our services.

What age group does Country Doc Concierge accept?

Medical services provided by Country Doc Concierge are provided to individuals 15 years of age and older.

Does Country Doc Concierge limit its practice size?

Yes, we do limit the number of patients and it is on a “first come, first served” basis. Once we reach the limit, the practice has a waiting list for those still interested in joining. The enrollment list must be honored in order to provide the highest standard of personalized care and service for those enrolled.

Do you accept Medicare patients?

Yes, Country Doc Concierge will accept Medicare patients; however Dr. Zislis does not submit claims to Medicare for reimbursement.

Can I use my HSA (Health Spending Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) to pay for the membership fee?

At this time, it is not clear if you can use your HSA or FSA to pay for the membership fee. We recommend that you check with your human resources representative at your place of employment or your financial advisor or CPA.

What if I am hospitalized?

If you are hospitalized, you can choose your hospital. Dr. Zislis will work closely with the hospital and consultants to coordinate your care and arrange for close follow-up upon discharge.

Are there extra charges?

Due to insurance regulations prohibiting an all-inclusive plan, you will only receive an additional bill if your services for the year exceed those included in the annual payment. Please note that costs for vaccinations, medications, or other incidentals will be passed on to you.

How do I become a patient at Country Doc Concierge?

Contact us at 914-984-5052 or [email protected] to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Zislis. We will answer any questions you may have during this complimentary, no-obligation visit. Once you sign the Patient Enrollment Agreement and provide us with your payment, you are enrolled. We accept cash, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and debit cards.