Travel Planning (Immunizations & Vaccinations)

When planning a trip across the country or across the world, health concerns may not be at the top of your mind. Yet travel can be fraught with health risks, from exposure to germs with which your body is unfamiliar to stress-related exacerbation of existing medical conditions. The best way to ensure that you remain healthy during your trip is to plan ahead. Depending on where you are going and your current state of health, you may need immunizations, prescription medications, or even a standing order for a test you get regularly.
Whether you travel for business or pleasure, Dr. Jan Zislis of Country Doc Concierge is available to ensure that you are properly immunized and equipped with medications and services that are tailored to your individual travel needs. As your private physician, Dr. Zislis will ensure that you are adequately protected, and that your travel-related medical concerns are addressed.

It is important to contact Dr. Zislis at least one month prior to your trip, especially if traveling abroad. Dr. Zislis will set aside the time to sit down with you and educate you about all the necessary health precautions you need to take, and will prescribe any medications and give you any immunizations you need. You can also contact Dr. Zislis if you have any questions while you are traveling.

With the help of Dr. Zislis of Country Doc Concierge, you can rest easy, knowing that you won’t have to worry while traveling abroad or cross country. Call our office today at (914) 984-5052 to schedule your pre-travel appointment.